Catch Up With Top Achievers: 2020 HSC and Beyond

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Catch Up With Top Achievers: 2020 HSC and Beyond


"They were born smart," - a clueless student.
Catch Up With Top Achievers: 2020 HSC and Beyond is a collection of articles written by the best performing HSC students in the State - HSC State Rankers. In our study guide, each author outlines their unique and results-driven study strategies. They also provide specific advice towards succeeding in their area of expertise. The practical study methods presented in this book are by no means conventional. Instead, they reflect the reality of what it is to be a student in 2020, and how to best succeed in the HSC whilst still maintaining a sense of balance.
In it, we answer many key questions faced by students and parents, such as:
WHAT were their strategies for success?
HOW did they cope with the stress?
WHY did they work so hard?
Everything in this book is up to date with the NEW NESA HSC Syllabus. We have also added a Subject Cheat Sheet at the end of each chapter.
Many of these students were not top achievers before Year 12, and do not represent an unattainable level of work ethic or intelligence. Truly, if they can do it, you can too!
A list of contributors in this year's edition:
Jesse Caminer - 1st in NSW for English Advanced and Extension Two
Sophie Howard - 4th in NSW for Ancient History
Adam Gottschalk - 1st in NSW for Biology
John Wang - 8th in NSW for Economics
Patrick Nah - 3rd in NSW for Economics
Matthew Drielsma - 9th in NSW for Earth and Environmental Science
Adam Robey - 2nd in NSW for Engineering Studies
Lachlan Tran - 1st in NSW for Geography
Zair Ahmed - 2nd in NSW for Legal Studies
Seohyeong Lim - 3rd in NSW for Modern History
Emma Scroope - 1st in NSW for PDHPE
Daniel Monteiro and Wenquan Lu - 8th and 1st in NSW for Physics
Nicholas Fakira - 4th in NSW
Lara Hather - 5th in NSW
Finn Vercoe and Tallulah-Rose Adams - 1st and 4th in NSW
Julia Lo Russo and Christopher Farag - 5th and 6th in NSW
Sarah Kanuk - IB Top Achiever

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