The Long Road to Loving Jackson (The LONG ROAD series)

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The Long Road to Loving Jackson (The LONG ROAD series)


Bad things often happen in threes.
So they say, and that's certainly the case for up-and-coming professional trick rider, Abbey Miller. Already reeling from serious setbacks - terminal damage? - to her career and love life, Abbey is devastated by the sudden loss of her remaining family member. Grief-stricken and heartsick, she limps home to the Central Queensland cattle station she now owns, hoping to find solace. Instead she's confronted with a suspicious death, mounting responsibilities and dwindling resources, a close family friend in dire straits, and an enigmatic squatter trespassing on more than just her land. And when an easy way out presents itself, she faces some tough choices.
Should she cut and run, or stay and ride it out?
Defy her beloved uncle yet again, or redeem herself?
Lower her guard, or fortify her battered heart's defences?
Sometimes life offers a second chance and for the lucky, more than one. And on a long road, it can be the hitchhikers we collect along the way that make the journey worthwhile.

For the horse lovers out there, this second story in the Long Road series will rope and hogtie your heart. "

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