The Chronic Collection

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The Chronic Collection


The Chronic Collection is made up of stand-alone romances where one of the lovers has a chronic illness and is trying to make a relationship work despite the illness.


Down by the Willow Tree

After Emma Boucher becomes widowed, she feels her life is falling apart around her. Grief stricken, she is diagnosed with a slue of aliments, including fibromyalgia and panic attacks. Having no where else to turn, she finds herself on psychotherapist Dr. Carroll?s couch to help her mull through some of the issues.

During these sessions, her old high school sweetheart, Ryder Stevenson comes back to town for a visit after his recent divorce. And Emma starts to realize that her heart aches less now that Ryder is back. But can she fall in love again after growing up from high school?

To Hell With Carpets

When Lila and her family move into her grandparents' house to help care for them, she discovers that life isn't always perfect. Sometimes it can get downright messy. And that's okay.

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