Long Distance Sleepwalker

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Long Distance Sleepwalker


THE LIGHTS HAVE CHANGED. IT'S NOW TIME TO CROSS THE ROAD AND GO ON A DARK BUT HUMOUROUS JOURNEY... The near future. The world has recovered from one recession and is bracing itself for another. Life is just about tolerable for easygoing temp by day and artist by night Peter Papapanos, until a multinational covertly uses him as a guinea pig without so much as a 'pretty please'... Witness the adventures of undercover guerilla journalist Opus Merriman, perpetual student Rex Yates, temperamental techie Angel Jefferson, office psychopath Bryan Fahrenheit and pop star, screen legend and part-time CEO Chuck Harlem. Follow them in their quest for the fabled golden parking space. Comedy, romance, tragedy, mind control, long distance sleepwalking, hypnosis, lucid dreaming, shopalicism, plastic surgery, stolen ambulances, greed, stupidity and insanity - what more do you want from a book???!!! 81,000 words in an Eco-friendly format. YOUR CURIOSITY SHALL NOT GO UNREWARDED...

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