Renegade Pinky: Poems and Prose

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Renegade Pinky: Poems and Prose


With Renegade Pinky, author Andy Weatherwax takes us on an honest and intimate journey from the pain and isolation that accompanied his diagnosis with early onset Parkinson's disease to the profound understanding of his illness as a gift. While his poems are informed by the fear and suffering he experiences as the disease progresses they are laced with wit and joy as he explores the new quirks in his life. This collection of poetry presents his unique insights into the disease and how it affects him.

Through this heartfelt collection, Weatherwax offers a keen understanding of the challenges he faces each day with humor and more than a little irony.

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"The individual poems in Renegade Pinky are extraordinary. As a collection, the impact is breathtaking. These poems are informed by pain, uncertainty and loss; but even as we are brought to profound intimacy with these things, we as well accompany a poet possessing great good humor, an ironic take on life and exquisite sensitivity to the revelations of nature, music, love and everyday realities. ... I dare you to read these poems and not be changed."

-Alexandrina Sergio, author of My Daughter is a Drummer in a Rock 'n Roll Band

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