Nazareth - Homecoming... The Greatest Hits Live In Glasgow

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Nazareth - Homecoming... The Greatest Hits Live In Glasgow


Filmed and recorded 20 years on from their last official live set "Snaz", Nazareth have since been through all manner of worldly experiences, both good and bad. Changes in, band line up, record companies and musical trends have all come and gone during that time,
but Nazareth have held their ground. Back on their home turf, though in front of an international army of fans, Nazareth tear through a sensational "Homecoming" set of hits and live favourites. Recorded in the intimate setting of Glasgows "Garage", the perfect
setting for an up close and personal look at one of RocknRolls all time legends. Nazareth show their mettle on DVD with surround sound. The technology has changed but Nazareth still supply the power.


01 When The Lights

02 Come Down

03 Razamanaz

04 Miss Misery

05 Holiday

06 Dream On

07 Simple Solution

08 My White Bicycle

09 Walk By Yourself

10 Bad Bad Boy

11 Hearts Grown Cold

12 Broken Down Angel

13 Whiskey Drinkin Woman

14 Hair Of The Dog

15 This Flight Tonight

16 Beggars Day

17 Love Hurts

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