Conversations with Adolf Hitler: Volume V

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Conversations with Adolf Hitler: Volume V


DG: Most people who met you mentioned the strength of your eyes. They were "shining", "blank" and "cruel", Kubizek's mother recalled.
Kubizek: "Never in my life have I seen any other person whose appearance was so completely dominated by the eyes … In fact, Adolf spoke with his eyes, and even when his lips were silent, one knew what he wanted to say."
DG: Kubizek asked you many times if you found work, and you replied, "Of course not." Doesn't that suggest a dismissive attitude towards work, Herr Hitler?
Hitler: I disagree. As I told you I worked whenever -
DG: Yes, you said that, but I'm talking about another attribute of yours. Your bohemianism.
Hitler [Chuckling]: Was I bohemian because I was enraptured by Wagnerian operas? And was I bohemian because I wanted to be an artist? But then I will readily admit to you that in all my life, I only wished to be a simple artist, maybe even going so far as to Italy, wandering about there as an unknown painter.
DG: Not at all, Herr Hitler. Being an artist does not necessarily make you a bohemian. Your bohemianism exhibited itself because you airily daydreamed all your life yet without any actual action. It just so happened, not one of these daydreams were remotely connected to the realities of your real world and life.

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