Disporia as Known

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Disporia as Known


Author has written many books, on the right is a photo of the Author with his new White Beard. At age 59 the Author, Mister Brian Daniel Starr is Proud of this work so far, and will continue its pursuit of the truth,

this translation in English while there is hope for more Translations in other Languages and Sees of Alexandria, The Vatican, Helonopolis, and Greece.

As of the Copyright Date, on Labor Day in the USA of September 1, 2019. The Dispersion of the Hoodlums and their locations are found where they ran too almost 2000 years ago.

The Author has written many books on Christianity, and most contain charts about this work, hidden in the mind of the reader. As it is presented here the charts are referenced and the additions to show the dispersion of the Posts.

A Good Read for any scholar Christian or inquisitor of Christianity.

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