Collectively Unresponsive (aka Counterculture)

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Collectively Unresponsive (aka Counterculture)


"Collectively Unresponsive" is the story of Johnny Gallo: a young Italian American that grew up in the violent & impoverished City of Syracuse with a good head on his shoulders, and a knack for chemistry.

Through his efforts, pounds of methamphetamine gets distributed throughout Upstate New York; which soon attracts the attention of other drug kingpins.

Before long, Johnny finds his back against a wall, and himself in a fight for his life; yet he refuses to stop cooking crank.

In order to survive in the cutthroat criminal lifestyle that he has chosen, he will need to recruit men even more violent than himself, and trust no one.

Chronicling the events, this book can best be described as a combination of "The Sopranos" and "Breaking Bad," and is counterculture at its finest!

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