Do I Know You?: Snapshots of a Cypriot Life

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Do I Know You?: Snapshots of a Cypriot Life


Tony and Chrissie Adamou met when Tony was in his early seventies, and Chrissie was twenty years younger. It was a miraculous meeting, and their life together was happier than either had believed possible.
When Tony was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease in his mid-eighties, Chrissie cared for him with commitment and devotion, but the toll that the disease took on both of them was devastating.
As Tony's memory diminished, slowly fading away almost completely, Chrissie decided that she must record her husband's long and eventful life, as by now he was unable to do so himself.
Relying on the accounts and anecdotes which Tony had shared with her over the years, she set out to tell his story. Snaps of a younger Tony taken before she knew him, and their collection of shared wedding, anniversary and holiday photos, helped her to focus on different periods of his life.
Chrissie recounts the challenges of Tony's early life against a backdrop of Cyprus in the twentieth century; and she records his later experiences in England where he lived for over forty years.
She also chronicles her own anguish as she witnesses her beloved husband's gradual tragic decline into dementia.

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