Marauder (The Oregon Files, 15)

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Marauder (The Oregon Files, 15)


Pre-order the rip-roaring new adventure featuring the crew of the Oregon from the Grand Master of Adventure, Clive Cussler.

A deadly venom. A ruthless terrorist. A billionaire's terrifying final wish . . .

Answering a research ship's distress call in the Timor Sea, Juan Cabrillo's Oregon finds the crew unable to move or speak - victims of an unknown toxin. After a second attack leaves many more paralysed, Juan races not only to find an antidote - but also discover who is behind these crimes and what they want.

His search for answers leads to a 2000-year-old Roman mystery and a plan to bring down a nation by a ruthless enemy acting from beyond the grave.

It will take all of Juan's legendary wits, wiles and weaponry to keep millions of innocent lives out of the deadly firing line . . .



'Cussler is hard to beat'
Daily Mail
'The Adventure King'
Sunday Express

'Nobody does it better... nobody!'
Stephen Coonts

'Just about the best storyteller in the business'
New York Post

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