The Secrets We Keep: A Love Story

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The Secrets We Keep: A Love Story


Escape. Fall in love. Mess Up. Escape … Something has to change
London, Dublin, Paris, Barcelona, Vienna, Stockholm, Edinburgh, … With lively, well-rounded characters, The Secrets We Keep presents a rich and rewarding tale of Laura's inner journey, clothed in the spectacular vistas and rich experiences of her travels and life in Europe.
Laura arrives in London with an overstuffed backpack and a deeply wounded spirit. Hitchhiking around Ireland she meets Jordi, from Barcelona. Falling for him is easy, so is the decision to travel across Europe to be with him. Making the relationship work though, is anything but simple.
She promises she will be back as she shoulders her backpack and takes off for more adventures. Soon she meets Olivia, with her own deep secrets. With Olivia, Laura races right past "girl crush", headlong into her first same-sex relationship. Heart-broken and deeply conflicted she returns from her travels to build a life with Jordi.
But when you build on shaky ground …
The Secrets We Keep is a deeply emotional, tender-hearted story of a young woman trying to rise above the trauma in her life. Although deeply flawed, her passion and her determination to learn and grow will keep pushing her forward in search of answers.
Praise for The Secrets We Keep
*Five Stars* D.R. Coghlan has done an excellent job at writing a good book. I loved the chemistry between the characters. I will definitely be reading more of her books.
*Five Stars* An amazingly attention-grabbing story with great characters, details and depth. It kept my interest and total engagement throughout really well
*Five Stars* This was a great book that was well written, you could immediately identify with the characters.

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