Passion for the Soul

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Passion for the Soul


Passion for the Soul is a collection
of poems written over a period of several years
and expressing the emotional ups and downs
of author Darius Wallace's life. He began writing poetry as a way to cope with the heartache and pain of his life. His grandmother, whom he lovingly calls "mah," provided him with a soft, gentle, and loving side, which is revealed in his writings.

His inspiring poetry reveals his true passion for every soul as he conveys his love for mankind. He explores sadness and pain as uttered in "Confused," as well as expresses a hope for love in "Beauty of a Princess," all while displaying true, raw emotions in his verses.

"I Lied"
Through my window older kids were playing football; And Momma told me not to go outside.
But I was young and didn't see the danger; They roughed me up so much I cried.
I sneaked backed in with bruises and a broken arm; And when Momma asked me how I did it ...
I lied.

She said son I know you want to be a hero; But your life means so much more to Me than your pride. And when you're grown and gone you're going to face the devil; I hope you learn, sometimes you've got to step aside. I hugged my Momma and said I would never leave Her; She looked and smiled because She knew

I lied. ...

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