Middle-East Mezze

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Middle-East Mezze


Reading David Radavich's poems transported me to the Orient, to its "dry and teeming sands" and feasts of "dates and skewered meats." He dedicates Middle-East Mezze to "those who suffered and who dream" and does not shy away from the woe of the region. He captures the dignity and suffering of the Palestinian and Iraqi peoples. . . . Radavich's poems drew me in with their easy-going, conversational tone. In this collection, every poem is alive with energy and drama.

Jean Grant, author of The Burning Veil: A Novel of Arabia

Middle-East Mezze is a sumptuous buffet of lyricism and imagery. Radavich takes us to Iraq, Palestine and Egypt and, during our journey, forces us to question how such rich ancient cultures could have fallen into such desperation.  A poignant reminder of splendid heritage, these poems foreground the tragedy of war and injustice while at the same time delighting us with the wonderfully ornate complexities that make up the Middle East

Mike Maggio, author of deMOCKracy

Middle-East Mezze is a book of rare vision and ambition, given its sweeping geographical and historical scope. These poignant poems are finely honed, distilled to the essential.  The progression of individual pieces, each complete in itself, seems inevitable, reflecting a keen sensitivity shaping the book as a whole. This collection positively bristles with arresting and unforgettable images, whether evoking the swirl of a bazaar in Egypt, descending ancient catacombs, or making the desolation of an arid landscape palpable.  Ultimately, the work offers an unflinching act of witness-of conscience-breaking the silence about the tragic human toll of modern military conflict. 

Christian Knoeller, author of Completing the Circle

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