A Rendezvous with Death

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A Rendezvous with Death


Savages, like wild animals, prey on the unsuspecting.

It's been almost fourteen years since Ian Christian served his country during the Vietnam War and he's now living a tranquil life with a newfound love. He is working as a successful advertising executive when he receives a disturbing phone call from the widow of an old friend. Apparently, his friend, Roland "The Snake" Cummings has died under suspicious circumstances, thrusting Ian into a fight for survival.
The more he investigates, the more he comes to believe Roland was killed by an old enemy-an enemy they have in common. After a murderous three-week spree, this assassin surfaces in Ian's hometown of Minneapolis, where he plans to kill the ex-army sergeant. Ian is one step ahead, though; he wins the first duel of wits, but he's nowhere near safe yet. He'll need the assistance of FBI Agent Ralph Yorkshire to stop this killer for good.
Ian and Ralph lure the assassin to a small-town farm in Iowa, where they set a trap. It appears their trap has worked, but maybe not. Someone is still hunting Ian - someone who wants to see him dead.
In this prequel to File 871, Ian finds himself moving closer and closer to the truth. A deadly game of cat and mouse begins-and only time will tell who is the hunter and who is the hunted.

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