Memoirs of my life

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Memoirs of my life


Follow Kiri Atawhai Dewes journey, from her early years, in a farming community in the north east of Aotearoa (New Zealand), where her adoptive parents owned a dairy farm, through her early adult years and then to her life in Australia, where she has come to be known and loved by many through her work, generosity, compassion and loving spirit.
Kiri is a wealth of knowledge, a visionary and gifted writer. Her poetry has achieved international recognition. Fluent in her native language - a teacher and translator. Kiri is an activist and champion for her Maori people and is the proud matriarch of five generations. A skilled anecdotist, her first book of daily quotes was published in 2020.

Replete with Kiri's poems, quotations and biography. Supported with many photos.

The first time I arrived at Kiri's house, on rounding the corner, I heard a series of high-pitched cackles - full of mirth and joy. They suggested that the owner of the voice was a happy person. As I was to getting to know Kiri better, and as we poured over Kiri's writing - which was also pouring over her life - I could see that Kiri is filled with joy. I stayed at Kiri's house whilst we worked and always enjoyed my time there. When I came in that first time, she said, "Make this your home", and she meant it.
I was taken in by her large family, which at times seemed like a small nation, and made to feel part of that family. Across the ditch in New Zealand, it was the same, with great hospitality.
I had met Kiri several times before putting the book together and could not say I knew her, but through this book, Kiri and I became friends. How could we not? Kiri is Kiri - unique, intelligent, and funny - always funny. We spent many days together, where, in fits and starts, the book emerged. I have never had such fun producing a book

Sales points:
· A Maori Elder, dispensing wisdom with the ease of offering sweets to children
· An advocate to the Maori culture
· A natural story teller, telling stories of Maori culture and history
· Internationally respected poet (included many of her best poems)

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