Through the Mist

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Through the Mist


Through the Mist is a collection of personal poems and are all a simple celebration of nature, humanity and our place in the cosmos. They are valuable reminders to enjoy life's many beauties while you can; simply put - these poems are an antidote to ennui, pain and hardship.
In these lines, Don Garret calls to you, the reader, to remain who you are despite setbacks and to grow in response to life's vicissitudes. And their messages are applicable to all of us.
Having served in the Royal Air Force for twelve years, Don had to find his feet in civilian life. A period in the Insurance Industry was most enlightening and enjoyable, and suitable to his demeanour.
Marriage came at the right time and he was blessed with two daughters. Times changed and a divorce claimed all, including his daughters.
To obtain an income, Don ventured into the Security Business where, to his delight, he worked with a wonderful group of people. It was here that Don found it was time to put his feelings into words and consequently a book of poems came into being. It was Melrose Books who published his first book, A Clear Imagination.

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