NUT FREE: An Italian's way of dealing with the disturbed

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NUT FREE: An Italian's way of dealing with the disturbed


Emanuela Smith appeared to be the perfect wife and mother, doting on her family. She believes she has all the right tools in life.
Emmie is no stranger to food intolerances. Her life has been nuts since the time she was born, so it is no surprise she developed an immunity towards them in her adult years.

People are nuts too. These types seemed to rush through Emmie's life, just enough to stir her mind and then disappear, leaving her to reel in the whiplash.

Your senses have a way of letting you know when you are dangerously close to these people, but you have to listen carefully to your instincts. Emmie learns this the hard way when she meets Nguyen Xin. Unknowingly, Nguyen, an outwardly successful lawyer, hides a dark secret.

Nuts, MSG, reflux from the garlic sauce of a yiros, Emmie is forced to digest them all. Learning to dance around her relationships with men, the race is on for Emmie to recognise the red flags in time before she too starts to slip into the craziness. Will this degustation become a disastrous recipe of artificial ingredients? Emmie begins to feel torn between her strong family values and this emerging world of indulgent risqué behaviour.

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