The Redeemable (Hell's Redemption, Band 1)

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The Redeemable (Hell's Redemption, Band 1)


Arcadia's dying. But that's okay.

She was prepared to spend her last years alone, working boring temp jobs and eating cereal straight out of the box, until the inevitable moment that her heart finally gave out. That way, she wouldn't cause anyone any unnecessary grief, and that was noble, right?

But a chance meeting on the subway changes everything. Now she's living with not one guy, but seven intriguing men who are all as sexy as, well… sin. But she'll soon discover that there is more to the guys than their attractive appearance and their disconcerting willingness to take care of a complete stranger.

They are the embodiment of a Seven Deadly Sins, pawns in an ancient bet, and apparently so was Arcadia, who was meant to be some kind of savior.

They chose the wrong girl. Death was knocking at her door, and so was the Devil.

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