Inspirience: Meditation Unbound: The Unconditioned Path to Spiritual Awakening

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Inspirience: Meditation Unbound: The Unconditioned Path to Spiritual Awakening


"I read one spiritual book a week for my radio show, and I will tell you that Inspirience is fresh, genuine, and much needed" ~ Jean Adrienne, PowerTalk Radio


What is it you truly seek? The reality is, most of us don't really know. Upon close investigation, we discover, above all else, we are seeking the transcendent, that which resides at the deepest place within us, that which connects us to all that is and gives unconditioned meaning to our lives.

The transcendent exceeds the grasp of the mind and the limits of words, for it is beyond all form and definition. But inspirience, although it cannot be explained in words, can be found. There is a path to it.

Richard L. Haight, bestselling author of The Unbound Soul, shares a simple and natural way to inspirience through unconditioned meditation. Inspirience will take you on a journey to the transcendent, so that it can transform your life -- and the world.

Have you wanted to incorporate meditation into your life, but find it almost impossible to start? Inspirience will open the doors wide to you.

Learn how to actively apply meditation to your daily life, not just your living room. Once you try this approach, you won't go back.

Learn what is truly blocking your inner peace, purpose, and productivity - this fundamental imbalance has been overlooked in spiritual teachings for thousands of years.

Learn how to bring true purpose and meaning into your life and thereby transcend the lurking feelings of frustration, emptiness, and loneliness.

Learn how to root the mind in consciousness, so that you gain the productivity that the mind can provide, along with the peace that comes with consciousness.

Discover the nature of conscience and the incredible power hidden there just waiting to be tapped.

"I had the privilege of reading Richard's book before it was published; I am still amazed by it even now!" ~ Billy Atwell, FEAR NOT podcast

"Extremely valuable, challenging and wisdom-full - it could be a real gift and catalyst for a spiritual exploration and healing." ~ Jane Derry, Serenity Vista Treatment for Alcoholism

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