Three Short Stories: for Kids Aged 11 to Whatever

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Three Short Stories: for Kids Aged 11 to Whatever


The Isherwaites - An enchantress is transported from her own realm to a village in the human era of the 1920s where she must serve penance for her crimes. She is watched by other members of their world and all frequent the Hall of the failing fashionable Isherwaite Family, as servants as well as a mysterious black cat. The Enchantress - playing the part of a young Nurse - must only do good and must refrain from using her powers and risk exposure. However, members of the family begin to suspect when they witness unusual things, and a certain song that they are powerless against.
The Wacky Flight - An unlikely combination of three children embark on an unlikely flying adventure; with a combination of brains, brawn, imagination and the strange influencing powers of a shy boy.
Jakbi's Destiny - It is supposed that once you reach a certain age, you must cast aside the magic and take part in the cool and practical world. This was not yet the case for young Jakbi; his daydreaming, enchanted ideas and other influences bring him to another world. Once there, he finds himself in a labyrinth on a quest to save the Jewels of Shantah, encountering many colourful friends, foes and less readable influences.
For more information about Hybropsyche visit or investigate YouTube.
Once again, special thanks to Victoria Thorpe on her excellent collaboration and Cover Artwork. For more details on her works please visit

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