The Court of Hidden Faces: Large format edition (Fabled Lands, Band 5)

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The Court of Hidden Faces: Large format edition (Fabled Lands, Band 5)


At the Court of Hidden Faces, no one is what they seem. The sinister lords of the Uttakin go masked to hide their treachery. The secret police of the god Ebron kill those who flout their fanatical codes. In this tyrannical realm of oppression, intrigue and assassination, life is cheap. But rich rewards await the adventurer courageous enough to penetrate this hostile land.
Will you uncover the secrets of the High King's citadel, where no mortal has trod for ten generations? Or wrest the holy sword from the crypt of Kizil Irmak, the Harbinger of War? Or find the key that unlocks the greatest secret of all - the means to open the gate of Time and travel back into the past?
Your fate is in your own hands. You choose your skills, your goals, where you will venture and what you will do. The only limit is your imagination.
* * *
FABLED LANDS is an interconnected gamebook series with the epic sweep of a sandbox RPG. You can choose to be an explorer, merchant, priest, scholar or soldier of fortune. You can buy a ship or a townhouse, join a temple, undertake desperate adventures in the wilderness or embroil yourself in court intrigues and the sudden violence of city backstreets. You can undertake missions that will earn you allies and enemies, or you can remain a free agent. With thousands of numbered sections to explore, the choices are all yours.

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