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Reflections Of God's Work

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Reflections Of God's Work


The book is a collection of different lessons that people can go through such as going through losses. There are many examples of the deep-seated dysfunctional habits that we all hold close to our hearts and how we overcome adversity. There are lots of joy in the different ways God comes through to us as He pries us away from these terrible habits. These enlightening words may be familiar to you as you experience your different lessons in life but still allows you to be able to relate to others. These lessons that are taught are through different avenues, but we all come out with the same positive outcome. We all go through many different lessons but are part of one body of Christ as we are learning similar traits to be closer to God. This shows how it's a learning process, always progressing into new territory as we each are learning at our own rate and have different tests that we are going through. We learn to be close to others as we go through our unique lessons. We become more positive in God's ways together. God has put us through the lessons that bring out the best in each person.

This book has expressed what brought a magnitude of lessons to us that brings such success in the great change in our attitudes. Otherwise, without them, we would never been taught about the greatest gifts ever that comes from God. It shows the powerful lessons that we as individuals can learn from as we trudge along and go through our ups and downs that God so delicately planted into our lives.

God is the most magnificent being that created each individual to become mature through His ingenious purpose He has for us. He allows us to meet others at just the right time and place that can bring us the greatest lessons in relating with others. This will teach us the most as we are searching dearly for our soul's purpose.

I believe this a great eye-opener for those searching for answers as we are finding the answers that are so deep in our hearts. God has the true path through our lives that allow us the strong and wise choices that we need to make. That keeps us from falling again once we learn the lessons deep in our heart. It shows the great joy that we go through as we learn these great lessons.

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