Mastering PyTorch: Build powerful neural network architectures using advanced PyTorch 1.x features

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Mastering PyTorch: Build powerful neural network architectures using advanced PyTorch 1.x features


Master advanced techniques and algorithms for deep learning with PyTorch using real-world examples

Key FeaturesUnderstand how to use PyTorch 1.x to build advanced neural network models
Learn to perform a wide range of tasks by implementing deep learning algorithms and techniques
Gain expertise in domains such as computer vision, NLP, Deep RL, Explainable AI, and much more

Book Description
Deep learning is driving the AI revolution, and PyTorch is making it easier than ever before for anyone to build deep learning applications. This PyTorch book will help you uncover expert techniques to get the most out of your data and build complex neural network models.
The book starts with a quick overview of PyTorch and explores using convolutional neural network (CNN) architectures for image classification. You'll then work with recurrent neural network (RNN) architectures and transformers for sentiment analysis. As you advance, you'll apply deep learning across different domains, such as music, text, and image generation using generative models and explore the world of generative adversarial networks (GANs). You'll not only build and train your own deep reinforcement learning models in PyTorch but also deploy PyTorch models to production using expert tips and techniques. Finally, you'll get to grips with training large models efficiently in a distributed manner, searching neural architectures effectively with AutoML, and rapidly prototyping models using PyTorch and
By the end of this PyTorch book, you'll be able to perform complex deep learning tasks using PyTorch to build smart artificial intelligence models.

What You Will LearnImplement text and music generating models using PyTorch
Build a deep Q-network (DQN) model in PyTorch
Export universal PyTorch models using Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX)
Become well-versed with rapid prototyping using PyTorch with
Perform neural architecture search effectively using AutoML
Easily interpret machine learning (ML) models written in PyTorch using Captum
Design ResNets, LSTMs, Transformers, and more using PyTorch
Find out how to use PyTorch for distributed training using the torch.distributed API

Who this book is for
"This book is for data scientists, machine learning researchers, and deep learning practitioners looking to implement advanced deep learning paradigms using PyTorch 1.x. Working knowledge of deep learning with Python programming is required.

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