Bullwinkle On Business: Motivational Secrets of a Chief Executive Moose

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Bullwinkle On Business: Motivational Secrets of a Chief Executive Moose


"This animated business analogy is corny, outrageously unrealistic, and at times fiendishly clever. Much of the practical wisdom imbedded in it is right on target. . . . A good refresher course for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and others in management and leadership positions who may have become too set in the ways of doing things."-Cecil Johnson, The Salt Lake Tribune

At last, a fresh, new voice speaks out for organizational excellence in the free enterprise system. Who is this great leader who possesses the stature, the stamina, and the swagger to be called the consummate CEO? Step up, Bullwinkle J. Moose. And step up anyone seeking to reenergize a business or organization, big or small. In ten unforgettable episodes followed by easy to complete exercises, Bullwinkle reveals insightful, useful, and effective motivational secrets of a chief executive moose that can immediately be applied to real-life situations.

Bullwinkle and his better angel, Rocket J. "Rocky" Squirrel, are Chief Executive and Chief People Officer, respectively, of the Frostbite Falls Mitten Company. But Bullwinkle soon begins to believe his own press clippings and forgets who makes the business run and who the business exists to serve.

The antics of Bullwinkle's bungling and misguided management consultants, Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale, only serve to propel the maladroit moose deeper into his own entropy. But Mr. Peabody and his adroit pupil, Sherman, use the WayBac Machine to monitor lessons learned from leaders throughout history. The Beagle and his adopted boy draw concise correlations to how Rocky helps his antlered friend learn that only enthusiastic people can energize an enterprise. By teaching Bullwinkle to unleash the collective wisdom, experience, and talent of his team members, Rocky transforms a moose with marginal managerial potential into a magni?cent motivator.

You won't want to miss a single episode of Bullwinkle on Business.

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