Darkening fire

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Darkening fire


It's funny how life can change within a second

Everything you know can disappear and your life is changed forever because of one tiny decision which sets everything into motion

Lilya isn't a normal vampire teenager, no matter how much she wants to be she just isn't. she has two many unique traits to be normal.

Lilya is a ungraduated vampire, very soon she will take her tests and prove that she is worthy of becoming a vampire guard who protects innocents from the demons that come from hell itself.

This would be happening if Lilya was actually at the school to learn what she needs to know to graduate. Two months ago she used her powers to wreck a classroom and also a teacher. Oops not good. She took her best friend and blood sister and run away to a remote town in Ireland. But things don't stay quiet for long, the school's guard are hunting them and no matter what one thing is clear to Lilya.

Go back to the school and bad things will happen

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