The Warrior Blood

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The Warrior Blood


A non-fiction book on the ancestors and descendants of the de Lacy family and their military prowess over the 800 years.
Their castle building in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Shropshire, Herefordshire Wales, Ireland, plus others.
First Viceroy of Ireland in the reign of Henry II, one of the barons at the signing of the Magna Carte. A close friend of Edward I and Viceroy of England under Edward II. Their fleeing of Ireland and finding fame in Spain, Russia and Austria, fighting on both sides of the American Civil War.
Ancestors to many famous people through history ie: Duke of Marlborough, and his descendant, Sir Winston Churchill, Duke of Wellington, Lord Nelson, George Washington, plus royal families of Europe, Presidents of the United States of America and many poets, artists, scientists and industrialists of great fame.
It is said that everyone with the name, de Lacy, Lacy, Lacey, Lassey, descend from the baronial family.

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