Problem-Solving Treatment for Anxiety and Depression: A Practical Guide

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Problem-Solving Treatment for Anxiety and Depression: A Practical Guide


Problem-solving treatment is a well researched, practical psychological intervention. The treatment is very much a here and now treatment, focusing on current difficulties and setting future goals. It does not dwell on past relationships and past mistakes. Patients are helped to gain a sense
of mastery over their difficulties.
There is good evidence to support the use of problem-solving in treatment of patients with depression, emotional disorders, and after episodes of deliberate self-harm. Problem-solving has been developed as a brief, feasible, psychological treatment that can be delivered by non-specialists. Much of
the evidence supporting the use of problem-solving treatment has been undertaken in primary care.
This definitive guide provides a 'hands-on' manual to assist potential therapists in understanding the background and rationale for problem-solving.
The first chapter of the book provides a brief description of the theory which lead to the development of problem-solving treatment. The research trials underpinning the effectiveness of treatment are discussed in chapter two. Chapters three to seven provide a detailed manual for potential
therapists. The structure of problem-solving is set out supported by many relevant clinical examples. Detailed advice is given as to how to structure a course of problem-solving. Case examples of how problem-solving develops over a course of treatment are set out. Advice for would-be practitioners
as to how best to deliver problem-solving and also guidance as to potential pitfalls are given. Chapter eight sets out the content of a two day course suitable for teaching problem-solving.

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