Growing Up Sad: Childhood Depression and Its Treatment

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Growing Up Sad: Childhood Depression and Its Treatment


The pioneering work of Drs. Cytryn and McKnew has resulted in the widespread recognition that childhood depression is an all too common psychological reaction to environmental stress and genetic heritage. Here they explain the current understanding of this devastating disorder and offer guidance for parents, teachers, and counselors on distinguishing depression from ordinary sadness and seeking appropriate treatment. They cover recent advances influencing treatment of the depressed child, including the availability of new antidepressants and the awareness that childhood depression is more serious than previously believed and may be a forerunner of later major depression or bipolar disorder.

Prevention and early treatment are emphasized. While giving specific advice on recognizing and handling the depressed or suicidal child, the authors show how mood disorders reduce the quality of life at any age and how to relieve the hardships felt by these children and their families.

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