Hdbk of Clinical Health Psychology

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Hdbk of Clinical Health Psychology


The "Handbook of Clinical Health Psychology" is a comprehensive overview of the practice of clinical health psychology by internationally respected authors. Demonstrating how an awareness of psychological issues can make a difference to patients, families and carers, this "Handbook" provides authoritative summaries of research evidence in health care, and demonstrates how they are put into practice. Further chapters place these in the context of the broader health care environment, and topics such as adherence, communication and the likely future of health care provision are discussed. Detailed and integrated, this "Handbook" will be "the" essential reference work for all clinical and health psychologists, whether in academic, practice or training settings. It will also be useful for a range of other professionals in health care, including social work, counselling, nursing and medicine. CONTRIBUTORS Beth Alder, UK
Gerhard Andersson, Sweden
David Mark Baguley, UK
Cynthia Belar, USA
Paul Bennett, UK
Suzanne Bennett Johnson, USA
Joyce A. Corsica, USA
Jane Duff, UK
Patricia E. Durning, USA
Timothy R. Elliott, USA
Janet E. Farmer, USA
Robert G. Frank, USA
Mary Gilhooly, UK
Robert L. Glueckauf, USA
Barbara Hedge, New Zealand
Adrian A. Kaptein, The Netherlands
Paul Kennedy, UK
Gerry Kent, UK
Timothy U. Ketterson, USA
Kristin M. Kilbourn, USA
Joshua C. Klapow, USA
Gary J. Latchford, UK
Wolfgang Linden, CANADA
Susan Llewelyn, UK
Jeffrey S. Loomis, USA
Eileen McDonach, UK
Laurence McKenna, UK
Susan Michie, UK
Elena S. Monarch, USA
Jeri Morris, USA
Dawn Newman Carlson, USA
David W. Nickelson, USA
Richard Glynn Owens, New Zealand
Michael G. Perri, USA
Treven C. Pickett, USA
Patricia Rivera, USA
James R. Rodrigue, USA
Margreet Scharloo, The Netherlands
Michael Sharpe, UK
Pauline Slade,

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