Charles A. Lindbergh: A Bio-Bibliography (Popular Culture Bio-Bibliographies)

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Charles A. Lindbergh: A Bio-Bibliography (Popular Culture Bio-Bibliographies)


?The 11th volume of Greenwood's Popular Culture Bio-Bibliographies' series presents an all-too-brief essay on Lindbergh's life and his impact on aviation, science, and America's popular culture, followed by a useful checklist of published and selected manuscript works by and about Lindbergh. With access to so much of Lindbergh's own personal papers still restricted by his estate, this listing can only give a glimpse into his rich and varied life and the tremendous impact he had on the national psyche. Of particular interest is the section on creative works, including musical compositions, literary and dramatic works, motion pictures, and other memorabilia inspired by Lindbergh's transatlantic flight and subsequent aviation breakthroughs. A chronology of his life and a brief subject index to the essay and chronology are also included. Luckett sets out the major events in Lindbergh's life in a clear, readable style. ... A solid introduction to Lindbergh's life and times. ...?-Choice

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