Life Without Jealousy: A Practical Guide (10-Step Empowerment)

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Life Without Jealousy: A Practical Guide (10-Step Empowerment)


Ask yourself...
Do you feel the need to be frequently checking up on your partner?
Are you suspicious when you meet new people?
Do you often question your partner about where they are going and
who they are seeing?
Do you withdraw from your partner without giving an explanation as
to why you doing this?
Do you make all of the social arrangements for your partner's life?
Have you ever feigned illness to keep your partner at home?
Are you frightened of being unable to survive without your partner?
Do you examine on your partner's phone records, emails, or text messages
"just in case"?
Do you put your partner down over small details or infractions of

If you answered YES to more than one of these questions, then this
book is for you.

This is the book to help you overcome this unwanted emotion. You will
embark on a journey to discover the many types of jealousy. You can use
this book as a manual to overcome emotional insecurity issues and to give
you a clearer perspective on the emotion of jealousy. By engaging with the
exercises with this book, you'll be able to see yourself as you really are and
further exercises will assist you in eliminating your jealous thoughts and

"It is hard to believe how much useful information the author has
packed into this slender tome."

--Sam Vaknin, author of Malignant Self Love: Narcissism Revisited

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Book #4 in the 10-Step Empowerment Series from Loving Healing Press


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