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Test of Metal: A Planeswalker Novel (Planeswalkers)

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Downtrodden and powerless, Planeswalker Tezzeret must do everything he can to return to his former glory-even if it means relying on old enemies

From the ashes of defeat, Tezzeret rises again. Beaten to within an inch of his life and left for dead by the psychic sorcerer Jace Beleren, Tezzeret has lost control of the Infinite Consortium-an interplanar cabal he commanded with a power and influence few in the Multiverse have ever achieved.

Now he must turn to a former enemy for help: the dragon Nicol Bolas, perhaps the only Planeswalker in the Multiverse powerful enough to get him back on his feet. Bolas, however, has his reservations. What can Tezzeret give him that he doesn't already have?

So begins Tezzeret's search for the secret of etherium-a magical alloy infused with all the power of the Blind Eternities-thought to have been lost with the disappearance of the great sphinx, Crucius the Mad. Tezzeret's quest is clear, but his thirst for revenge clouds his decisions. Will he achieve his goal, or will he be bested by his own ambition?

Medium Taschenbuch
Seitenzahl 352
Erscheinungsdatum 2010-10-05
Sprache Englisch
Herausgeber Wizards of the Coast
EAN / ISBN-13 9780786955329
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