MYSTIC AT THE EDGE: A Western Woman Coloured by Asia

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MYSTIC AT THE EDGE: A Western Woman Coloured by Asia


Full of spiritual wisdom and insights, Mystic at the Edge is a book you can pick up at any time to uplift, enlighten, and encourage you.

The first part spans Maureen Chen's life from growing up in 'White' Australia, marrying her Chinese husband, travelling through Asia in search of a monastery where they could pursue the teachings of Buddha; he to become a monk, and her a nun, onto Europe and back to Australia through Asia once again. In Australia, Maureen and Tom find a philosophy that suits them. They end up returning to Asia where Maureen opens and sustains a number of meditation centres in various countries.

In parts two and three Maureen shares deep and meaningful explorations and contemplations on practical spirituality and how her spiritual philosophy and lifestyle interface
with wider world views.

Entertaining yet powerful, and perhaps at times challenging, Mystic at the Edge shows that spirituality is not about being flaky, counter-cultural, or religious. Spirituality is a natural calling in all of us to practice being who we really are and support each other
in making a better world.

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