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The iconic British Hedgehog gets a technological upgrade in this action-packed children's novel about an unlikely bunch of animal cyborgs.
Professor Windar's amazing team of hybrid-drones are unveiled in front of a military audience. Their purpose: to support the UK's fight against global terrorism. But when his deadliest prototype malfunctions, Spikez and his team are sent on their most dangerous mission yet - to protect their home from total destruction.
The local inhabitants of Greenacres find themselves entangled in a fight for survival like no other. Claws clasp, feathers fry, and microchips meddle as a new breed of hero is born. Can the future of humanity and animalkind be saved by Spikez?
Classic storytelling with technological enhancements, Spikez is the first in a series of fiction books about the dangers of man's meddling with nature. It's been described as Animal Farm meets The Matrix.
Like the eBook version of Spikez, the book is alive with technology. Simply zap one of the many QR codes and be taken to free bonus content; such as: diary entries, character profiles, cool hedgehog facts, videos and downloadable .mp3 tracks - all made exclusively for the novel which can be accessed for free at www.animalcyborgs.com

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  • Versandkostenfrei ab 19 € innerhalb Deutschlands
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