Word Search: Brain Exercising Large Print Puzzles For Adults

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Word Search: Brain Exercising Large Print Puzzles For Adults



If you have been looking for a challenging, Large Print easy to read, theme based word Search puzzle, then keep reading..

Does enjoying a word search without having to put on your glasses and flicking through pages back and forth to find the words sound appealing to you?

This Word search puzzle is a great pocket book to take with you at any time, whether you're waiting for your doctors appointment or you want to kill some time while stimulating the mind for fun. Diverse, easy to see puzzles containing challenging, theme based word searches with 30 cleverly hidden words to find, Diagonally, Horizontally and Vertically for each puzzle.

The difficulty level of the puzzles are appropriate for adults with words that don't just jump right out at you, so you wont be left disappointed because it was "too easy", making it a great gift for a family member or for yourself who wants to take up the challenge and kill time while activating the mind for the day. Enjoy 50 of the most hardest and interesting puzzles you will ever try to complete

Here Is What's Included...

Word Searches For Adults

Large Print

Easy To Read

Interesting Themes

20x20 Word Search Puzzle Per Page

30 Words To Find Each Word Search (Horizontally, Vertically and Diagonally)

Challenging Theme Based Puzzles

Dozens Of Word Searches That You Can Take With You Anywhere

Mind Activating

Much, much more

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