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The complete guide to referencing and avoiding plagiarism (Open Up Study Skills)

von: Neville
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  • Why is accurate referencing important?
  • How do I reference sources correctly?
  • What must I do to avoid plagiarism in my written work?
  • How can I use referencing to assert my own ideas?

    This excellent new edition of The Complete Guide to Referencing and Avoiding Plagiarism continues to demystify the referencing process and provide essential guidance to make sure you are not committing plagiarism. It provides clear guidelines on why and when to reference as well as how to correctly cite from a huge range of sources.

    Tackling all the main forms of referencing - Harvard, APA, MLA and Numerical referencing styles - in an accessible and comprehensive manner, you'll want to dip into this book time and again. A unique feature of the book is the comparisons it makes between different referencing styles, which are shown side-by-side. This provides a useful guide, particularly for students on combined studies courses who may be expected to use two, and sometimes three, different referencing styles.

    This new edition offers:

  • A detailed guide to referencing electronic sources and choosing reliable internet sites
  • Additional 'frequently asked questions' and answers
  • Research findings of student perceptions of referencing
  • Cases of referencing in practice by real students
  • Examples of referencing in action
  • Exercises and quizzes to test your knowledge
  • Advice on the use of referencing management software

    The Complete Guide to Referencing and Avoiding Plagiarism is essential reading for all students and professionals who need to use referencing in academic writing to reflect their own ideas, constructively apply the work of others, and to avoid plagiarism.

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    Seitenzahl 224
    Erscheinungsdatum 2010-02-01
    Sprache Englisch
    Edition 0002
    Herausgeber Open University Press
    EAN / ISBN-13 9780335241033
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