Historical Dictionary of the New Deal: From Inauguration to Preparation for War

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Historical Dictionary of the New Deal: From Inauguration to Preparation for War


?This useful reference work consists of approximately 700 alphabetically arranged entries on people, laws, agencies, court decisions, political groups, and related topics involving the New Deal era, 1933-40. More than two-thirds of the sketches were written by the editor ... the remainder were contributed by equally qualified scholars. About one-half of the entries are biographical and, like the other entries, vary in length from a single paragraph to several pages, according to the relevance and importance of the subject. Coverage is so thorough that some entries appear to bear only a peripheral relationship to the New Deal.... Sketches are objective, concise, and based on sound scholarship. Each contains at least one bibliographic reference--if only a New York Times obituary notice. Cross-references are indicated by the use of asterisks within the articles. There are several valuable appendixes: a chronology of the period, an extensive bibliography of books and periodical articles arranged by subject, a list of important agencies and their key personnel, and a table of New Deal acronyms. This volume will be useful an all types of libraries from high school up where material on this historical period is needed.?-Reference Books Bulletin

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