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What Wants to Be Known

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What Wants to Be Known


This is a story of an amazing life, the life of an extraordinary healer. In What Wants to be Known, Paul recounts the thrilling, often perilous adventures he embarks upon as he set out to increase his esoteric powers and fulfill the demands of two very different traditional healers. Born in the 1940s, Paul becomes heir to his Orthodox Jewish grandmother Gussie's Central European esoteric warrior lineage-hours after his birth. Gussie teaches him not only to heal those in need, but to do battle in the spirit world and to protect himself on the violent streets of the 1940s Bronx.

Years later he ends up in a tiny village in the Andes, where he is initiated into the Q'eros lineage by Don Manuel Quispe, a high priest who directly communicates with the natural world. As Don Manuel's last and principle student, Paul must continue the unfinished work of the lineage-whether he wants to or not. Don Manuel tasks him with healing the damage humans have caused in the highest realms of consciousness and in the natural world. That commitment takes him on a series of adventures-the likes of which we've not seen outside the fictional escapades of Carlos Castaneda.

What Wants to be Known is also an invitation for readers to experience the sacred themselves-without the perils. Paul offers a collection of traditional wisdom teachings, gleaned from the silent transmissions he received from Gussie and Don Manuel. The practices invite us to move outside of ourselves and to extend ourselves reverently to a visible manifestation of the sacred: the natural world. Through listening to what wants to be known, we enter into a reciprocal relationship with All That Is, open up to the deeper wisdom available to us all, and begin to understand how we can help heal the planet.

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