I Always Wondered

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I Always Wondered


Life is a wonder and a joy to behold, and Paula Parton has captured it all with her beautiful artwork as she sees through the eyes of a child, and her own inner child narrates a few questions, a few answers and a few truths.

Author of 'The Tic Chronicles' and the Room 17 Book Series, and an artist and musician who is also a teacher, Paula Parton leads us through the wondrous realm of childhood amid colors and sites that will leave you in awe of her amazing talents.

Step into the pages of this book and take a walk though childhood like you have never taken. And never forget the wonder that is our world, and that every day is a new beginning.

This is another Bellissima Publishing, LLC children's book that you can proudly display on your coffee table, ready to be looked at and
enjoyed by adults and children alike.

A Sunflower is much more than a sunflower, and a a horn is more than something you can play, and a babe is sometimes not really a babe at all, especially if you consider these things through the eyes of a child, or in this case, through the eyes of our author and artist, Paula
Parton who truly sees what children see.

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