In the Land of Hershel

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In the Land of Hershel


A short story from the world of SunRider!

Fantasy and horror intermix in this short story of soldiers, monsters, and a dangerous quest!

Five knights tell stories of ancient lands, madness, and terrifying monsters: but no one can top Knight Elric's tale of the Land of Hershel, a monstrous swamp filled with horrifying creatures and an ever-present threat: if you stop moving, you drown.

Set in the world of SunRider and a short story to accompany the series, In the Land of Hershel will leave readers at the edge of their seats, desperately wanting more!

If you're a fan of Brandon Sanderson and Michael J Sullivan, this story is what you need!

Praise for the SunRider Saga:

""SunRider carries the feel of an epic-of timeless stories from classic literature that follow a hero on a sweeping journey and profoundly portray the highs and lows of human existance. "Epic" like "The Odyssey", "The Aeneid", "and more recently, "The Lord of the Rings"."" -Rain

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