Developing Inner Leadership

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Developing Inner Leadership


Developing Inner Leadership is for those who want a more balanced and wholistic approach to their lives. It focuses on all the key areas that affect people - their relationships, work and money, health and values.
The key difference between this book and many others is that it recognises that all these areas are connected. By improving work prospects for example relationships can improve as well. Through a set of key frameworks and exercises the reader can map out where they are now and where they want to be. These include a set of "Vital Questions" to help people to understand what is important to them.
More than this, Developing Inner Leadership offers a number of techniques to help people to move in the direction in which they want to go. These include help in changing their life stories, replacing negative beliefs with positive ones and looking at relationship needs. These are not necessarily quick or easy fixes, but with a combination of approaches, gathered from many sources, people will make progress.
Above all Inner Leadership is about helping individuals to connect to their inner world of truth and values so that they can flourish and meet their highest priority needs as a whole person. The book is vital reading for all those involved in looking at theirs or others lives and becoming who they are meant to be.

Ralph Lewis is an international leadership consultant and coach and has worked with many top global companies and thousands of individuals over many years. He has written several other books on leadership as well as many articles and also teaches at top business schools.

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