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The Great Believers

EAN: 9780708899137
Kategorie: Fiction
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Chicago, 1985: Yale Tishman and his friends have no idea that their lives are about to be devastated by the AIDS crisis; Yale himself, working at an art gallery, is more concerned with the provenance of a group of paintings which might make his career. But as the decade unfolds, and the virus does its horrible work, they find themselves becoming spokesmen, activists, comforters, victims and destroyers.

In 2015, Fiona, the sister of Yale's friend Nico, who died during that terrible decade, is in Paris, searching for her estranged adult daughter, who disappeared into a cult some years before. There, she reconnects with a figure from that time, and comes to realize that what seemed like a moment of crisis is still making itself felt thirty years later.

The Great Believers is a story of how love can both rescue and destroy us, a thrilling, addictive novel full of characters who the reader comes to know as friends, colleagues and lovers. It has the symphonic quality of the greatest American novels, from The Age of Innocence to The Corrections to The Emperor's Children.

Medium Gebundene Ausgabe
Seitenzahl 432
Erscheinungsdatum 2018-07-05
Herausgeber Fleet
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