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Simulation Of Important Product Details

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Simulation Of Important Product Details


73% donÕt accurate their product details according to user behavior insights!

You probably know Airbnb. 3 founders first established the product in 2007. What many donÕt know is that before the product became a great success, the product started with just 2 users in San Francisco, USA. The founders didnÕt understand how a great idea could not rise in reality! They decided to interview Òone time usersÓ. After 3 months, they discovered that the problem with the usage of the product became complex at the point of choosing dates feature! If they had examined each product detail according to the user's understanding of usage, they would have realized the error in advance! Today, of course, they have millions of users, thanks for focusing on every detail with digital simulations

This is the fifth book out of 8 that helps accelerate ANY kind of product idea into its highest potential!


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