Robbie Williams - Where Egos Dare

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Robbie Williams - Where Egos Dare


Where Egos Dare! Its a music video, its a live concert, its a DVD-ROM and its so much more. With exclusive footage, music and video, funny bits and interactive live songs from Robbies Slane Castle concert, Where Egos Dare, dares to go where other music DVDs fear to tread.
The Legendary Slane Castle Concert, August 1999 Specially edited highlights and exclusive backstage footage from this legendary show with features that include 5.1 surround sound and multi-camera angles Short Cuts Behind the scenes footage from the life of Robbie Williams Rock DJ
The video they wouldnt show, complete and unedited with extra behind the scenes footage Sing when youre winning See Robbie hard at work in the studio during the making of the album Bonus Track-Dance with the Devil A brand new track, only available here that comes complete with a
very special interactive video DVD-ROM Section Download wallpaper, icons and sounds taken from Where Egos Dare to your PC or Mac


01 Slane Castle Concert

02 Also sprach Zarathustra

03 Let Me Entertain You

04 Strong

05 Phoenix From The Flames

06 Angels

07 Should I Stay Or Should I Go

08 Millenium

09 Slane Backstage

10 Also Sprach Zarathustra

11 Let Me Entertain You (Snippets)

12 Come Take Me Over

13 Heaven From Here

14 Yakety Sax

15 Shakin All Over (Snippets)

16 Come Take Me Over

17 Strong

18 Shes The One

19 Strong (Snippets)

20 Phoenix From The Flames

21 The Passenger

22 Also sprach Zarathustra

23 Let Me Entertain You

Short Cuts:

Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me), Long Tall Sally, I Wouldnt Normally Do This Kind Of Thing, Let Me Entertain You, I Hate Today, Millenium, Let Me Entertain You, Rock DJ, Angels

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