The Eyes Of The Devil

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The Eyes Of The Devil


The jungle skills of Major Philip Melville were extraordinary and had earned him the reputation of being the most accomplished Special Forces leader in Vietnam. Shortly after the fall of Saigon he accepted one final mission. He led a squad back into 'Nam to rescue a group of wounded soldiers and the civilians who were sheltering them.

He had been told the conquering North Vietnamese had no knowledge of the wounded group. This intelligence would prove false. Even without this complication Philip recognized the extreme danger of his task but would only later learn of its other ominous aspect. Mei Li, the young leader of the civilians had recently inherited a fabulous fortune, which had come to the attention of the brutal, avaricious General Tran. He had sent his forces to track down Mei Li and plunder the treasure.

This mission would ultimately leave Philip with deep mental scars.

Many months later as his scars were slowly healing; he was persuaded to abandon the peace he was finally enjoying in New Mexico to find out who was threatening Mei Li's life in Hong Kong. There he would learn not only much of its colorful history, but also its dangerous present.

Far from its attractive tourist areas, in its backwaters and dingy side alleys, he would have to face its most fiendish triad and would quickly understand that in this environment life was cheap. This too was a jungle where death awaited those who interfered with its triad gangs.

Old scars would be reopened as he undertook this dangerous task. He would learn the root cause of his troubles in Vietnam and in Hong Kong would be the same - The Eyes of the Devil.

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