Growing Up in a Little African Village an Illustrated Edition

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Growing Up in a Little African Village an Illustrated Edition


Do you have any idea what life is like in a little village that has no electricity, no running water from a tap, no school, no hospital and no shopping centre? Can you imagine what it is like to be a six-year-old walking a distance of three kilometres, without a pair of shoes or sandals, yes bare-footed, on the hot African soil to attend school? Returning home in the evening, very tired, you had to help your parents prepare the evening meal. That was not the end of the day-you still had to do your homework. Since there was no electricity, you had to do so with the help of kerosene lamps that pumped foul-smelling fumes into the evening air. These, and many more amazing stories, are what you will learn from this interesting book written by Dr Robert Peprah-Gyamfi. He grew up in a village in Africa. The living conditions there were very difficult. Still, he was able to do well in school and move on to study to become a doctor in Germany.

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