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The Seven Last Words

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The Seven Last Words


Christ spoke seven times from the pulpit of the cross he was crucified on. Collectively known as The Seven Last Words, these brief but profound sayings offer eternal wellsprings of wisdom and spiritual revelation for all. In this classic work commemorating Christ's sacrifice, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen insightfully examines each of the seven sayings in depth. His simple, meditative essays provide a wonderfully valuable study aid for understanding the Passion, an instructive guide for prayer, and a perfect starting point for spiritual self-reflection.

From Calvary Hill, the dying Christ delivered the ultimate sermon of sermons, forever bestowing on humanity powerful, undying messages of Eternal Love and Hope. There are deeply moving messages of Forgiveness, Salvation, Relationship, Suffering, Distress, Triumph, and Reunion, each of which are stirring and inspirational for everyone, perfect for reading and reflection during Lent and any other time of the year. They are potent words that will change your life.

This unabridged reprint of Sheen's original edition will become a source of inspiration anyone with spiritual aspirations will treasure.

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