The Sprite Sisters: The Secret of the Towers (Vol 3)

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The Sprite Sisters: The Secret of the Towers (Vol 3)


THE SPRITE SISTERS - FOUR SISTERS, FOUR ELEMENTS, FOUR POWERS This is the third adventure of Flame, Marina, Ash and Ariel in the popular Sprite Sisters series. The books have sold over 500,000 copies in Germany. A film is being shot and will be released in German cinemas in 2019.
Each of the Sprite Sisters has a magical power aligned to one of the four elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Magic runs through the Sprite family, but nobody knows who has got it. This power must be kept secret and only used for good. However the sisters have a formidable enemy - another Sprite who is prepared to use dark power to take the girls' powers and their home, Sprite Towers. 'Ariel's gone!' screamed Marina. 'She's disappeared!' The three Sprite Sisters stared in horror at the bridge of light. 'Where is she? What's happened?' shouted Ash, her face white with terror. Flame gasped. 'I think Ariel has passed through the portal! 'We must find her!' shouted Marina. 'And quickly!' The summer holidays bring campfires and new-found freedom to the Sprite Sisters. When they find the key that promises to unlock the secret of Sprite Towers, it seems that the magic of the mysterious old house is about to be released. But danger is lurking in their midst. Are the Sprite Sisters' powers strong enough to save them from the dark side of the Sprite family?

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