Have Confidence Within Yourself

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Have Confidence Within Yourself


Have Confidence within Yourself presents a collection of poems written to motivate and inspire people who have given up their dreams. Author Stephanie Woolard feels that we each have the ability to achieve success through hard work and believing in ourselves. She expresses her thoughts and emotions about life's ups and downs in her verse. She believes that God didn't give us the spirit of fear, but instead gave us the spirit of power and love, along with a sound mind so that we may find our true path in life.

Once we discover our true selves and have the confidence within ourselves to achieve our goals, we can achieve true success in life.

Has God Ever Promised You Something

Whenever a storm
comes in your life,
don't give it death,
but give it life.
God's promise should
always stay with you
no matter what
you are going through.
The test may seem long,
but if you hold on,
God will bless
with the love that belongs.

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